An Update

I have tried to write here weekly- that has for the most part meant bi-weekly. Over the last few weeks I was preparing for ordination and as a family dealing with needs of an inlaw. This all while trying to write a thesis. I wrote post drafts but never got back to them.

This past weekend I traveled to the UOC Cathedral Church for ordination. It was a beautiful service (other’s parts were, I had my awkward moments). It was both exciting and scary. As the bishop said during the homely, this is not the end of a road, it is a beginning. It can be easy to see ‘attainment’ of a position or ‘rank’ as the culmination of study, effort, and for many a long road. That is true, but not a complete picture. Ordination is the start and beginnings can be both exciting and daunting. We begin again everyday, but not always as a priest.

This weekend marks a few beginnings. First for me is ordination and a vocation. Second is St Thekla UOC received it’s antimins. This is St Thekla’s license to be a parish/community and celebrate the Eucharist. Unless a church has a consecrated holy table (and even then a church will have an antimins practically) an antimins is requited for a liturgy. Antimins basically means ‘instead of the table’ and in the Orthodox context ‘table’ refers to a consecrated holy table. The antimins was blessed and signed in the same liturgy I was ordained. St Thekla’s antimins was placed on top of the cathedrals antimins and liturgy was served on it. The missions work will shift as services and sacraments can be served. The work of the mission begins, like every day, anew- this time with more possibilities.

This also marks a significant break with the canonical church. This break happened some time ago for me, however this is a manifestation of that move and for the canonical church a stepping over the line officially. This goes hand in hand with moving toward an inclusive mission in my ministry.

Thank you all who have wished me well and who pray for me and for the community of St Thekla UOC.

Fr Basil

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